Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Biking Tours

Most Frequently Asked Biking Tours Questions

1. How far do we bike per day?
We bike between 20/65 k.m per day depending on the weather and terrain. We don’t bike daily, on some days we just relax in swimming pools, rivers and lakes. On some none biking days we pack our bikes and go for game drives to search for lions, leopards, elephants and other wildlife. We use tour vans with open roof and sliding windows excellent for game viewing.

2. Is there support Van?
We have support van which follows you behind throughout the trip. The support cycle is always available to give you lift plus your bike when you get tired from biking. The cycle also carries mineral water, canvas tents, food, daypacks and other camping equipment’s.

3. Where do we sleep?
Throughout the trip we use budget but clean hotels/Lodges. This gives you chance to explore small local towns in East Africa. Our local guides have been travelling through the towns over the yrs. and know the best hotels/lodges to sleep and eat!

4. Where do we eat?
Breakfast and dinner are provided in the hotels and lodges. Fruit salad lunch with juice is provided along the way. Most of the times we do have picnic lunches on stunning view points, river banks, and lake shores and over the hill cliffs.

5. Who leads the biking expeditions?
The biking trips are led with two experienced local guides. The guides have been leading biking trips in east Africa over the years and are very knowledgeable on the flora, fauna, wildlife and cultures of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. The guides know all the best biking routes and will show you the real Africa

6. Do we go on game drives?
We do go on game drives to search for wildlife depending on the length of the biking trip; there is also enough time to on rafting, kayaking, village walks, sailing and other activities.

7. Do you have bike Mechanic?
Biking trips are accompanied with experienced bike mechanic to fix bikes throughout the trip. We do have spare bikes in our support cycle to use while you wait for your bike to get fixed at the campsite or at the lunch stop.

8. Can I bring my own bike?
The best bike is yours because you are used to it! Bikes are generally carried free of charge on the plane when boxed as part of the luggage. Bikes can be boxed for a small fee from your home country, check the bikes selling shops. Bike flight conditions do change without notice; please check with your airline company for update information regarding flying bikes. Bikes can also be hired locally in east Africa. Bring your own helmets and biking costumes including cloves, sunglasses or old T-shirts and shorts ideal for biking.

9. How to prepare for your biking Adventures
The best way to prepare for your biking adventure is to go riding over the weekends or at your free time at home. This will keep you fit before joining the trip in Africa. Try and bike over the hills and downhill’s to get some off road biking experience. Those not interested biking over the hills can just relax in the land lover to enjoy the views and wait till they get to flat areas for easy biking.

10. What to wear on biking Adventure
You need to bring a long biking costume, old T-shirts/shorts, sun glasses; cloves and other personal items including water bottle. Don’t also forget a good biking helmet which is a must on all our biking tours.

11. Travel insurance
Travel insurance is a must for all our biking adventures to cover you in case of any accident. Talk to your insurance company about your biking tour in Africa to find out how much amount they can cover.

12. Family biking tours
We also offer family biking tours in east Africa. This tours covers short biking distance between 2/3 k.m per day past tea plantations, wildlife, local villages and schools. On these trips we spend between 3 to 4 days at one place to give time to kids to relax and enjoy the place. We stay in hotels, lodges and campsites where kids can access playing equipment’s to keep them busy after biking tour. Each family must be accompanied with a least two adults to look after the kids.

13. Can I join on my own?
Don’t worry most people join the biking tours on their own and soon make good friends on the tour. You will not be bored; most of our clients are young and easy going people. Our guides will ensure that you are enjoying the biking trip throughout the trip. The guides have been trained to handle small and large groups.

14. Is there time to check mails along the way?
Most of the hotels and lodges have internet cafes and wireless internet service. Some which don’t have internet service are located close to internet cafes. Internet is widely available in east Africa and it’s cheaper, you can browse for less than 1 dollar for 1 hour, some internet café also offer Skype services.

15. Cash
We recommend you bring enough dollars in small dominations as sometimes it can be difficult to get change of big notes in east Africa. Credit cards can be used but cannot be guaranteed as most A.T.M machines don’t accept them.