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About Africa Biking Expeditions

Africa Biking Expeditions is a biking Safari company specialized in biking & walking tours across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. We believe the best way to see wildlife and local people is on foot and two wheels. We mainly bike off road past hills, wildlife, rivers, mountains, villages and local farms. You will get chance to meet and chat to local people along the way, chance which many tourist don’t ever get!

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We bike between 20 to 60 k.m per day depending on weather with the help of support van which follows you behind throughout the trip, this gives you chance to bike more or less depending on the terrain. Surpport van carries water, fruits and your luggage including spare mountain bikes to swop in case of any bike break down. Free lift available if you happen to get tired from biking!

We also include game drives in world famous National parks like Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Maasai mara, Amboseli and other National parks depending on the tour duration.
Each trip is accompanied with support van driver and two local biking guides, the guide’s bikes with you throughout the trip. There is plenty of optional activities along the way including rafting, kayaking, canoeing, horse riding, gorilla treks, village walks, hot air balloon and others. We offer tours to families, couples, Ngos, Schools, friends, clubs, singles and companies across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda

From 3 days to 3 weeks, this gives you chance to choose long or short biking tour. Some of our popular biking tours includes 5 days Nairobi to Lake Naivasha, 12 days Nairobi to Jinja, 16 days Nairobi to Gorillas, 16 days Nairobi to Zanzibar, 16 days Nairobi to Mount Kenya, 14 days Nairobi to Mount Kilimanjaro.

We also offer special biking tours for photographers, birders, cyclist and researchers, send us your destinations and we will send you detailed biking notes. We spend nights in budget hotels throughout the trip, some hotels have swimming pools and wireless internet. Our leaders and local representatives are there to ensure that you get maximum enjoyment from your holiday.

They obviously look after the practicalities of your holiday, such getting you to the airport or station on time, but we believe that one of their most important roles is to make sure that the local communities benefit from your visit at least as much as you do, ensuring that we will always be welcomed, wherever we visit.

On most of our biking expeditions we have a complete cross section of travelers, of mixed nationalities. Members of the group are usually between 18/40 years. There is no age limit however, we are happy to take persons over this age providing they have (young heart) attitude. The group size would be 7 to 10 persons and, as far as possible, we try to obtain even numbers of both sexes.

Dont worry if you join on your own, most people do book as singles. If fact we find that many people who normally travel independently, would rather travel as part of organized group through this demanding and exciting continent. On our biking expeditions you need to be flexible and open minded to enjoy the adventure. Ours are adventurous holidays, many of the areas in which we operate are remote. Our guides are locals from Africa and speaks most of the local languages.

Most of our clients are British, Australians, Newzealands, Germans, French, Americans, Canadians, Spanish, Kiwis, Irish, Dutch and other Nationalities. We also operate private biking tours for groups. Despite offering Biking and Walking expeditions, we also offer Wildlife holidays, Cultural tours, horseback safaris, Volunteer tours, Orphanage visits, flying safaris, beach holidays, Camel treks, motor bike tours, day tours and Overland journeys across Africa. Our experienced travel consultants are looking forward to hearing from you soon! Feel free to call, email or skype us. We are open daily including public holidays.